Wrestling Tournament Insanity, Trailer, Fire, Tortillas, Grilling - Saturday


Yesterday morning we were up like a regular weekday in order to be at the school a half hour north. R was not feeling up to it so he stayed home with @stryeyz and J and I went to the tournament.


What a complete cluster it was. There was so many people and so many cars in the lot I just parked a ways out and we walked in. We were some of the last to make it through the weigh ins with being in the really long long by 8:30 with cutoff at 9am. Wrestling was to start at 10 but it was after 11am before the first matches started. Did I mention there was a shit ton of people?


J is still getting over the tail end of being sick so he has not been feeling tip top. He lost his first match on points but did really well. He had trouble with the tight holds on his neck which didn't help his focus much.


It was an hour later and he had his second match.


It was a hard match for him and he showed some great form through out.


Unfortunately he got pinned in the second round and that was all for him for the day. There was a crazy number of kids and an insane number of parents. The gym was so loud and it was super nice to get out of the cacophony.


Once home I got the trailer hooked up for my trip this morning for grain. The birds then spent the rest of the afternoon pecking at the grain still scattered across the trailer. I rake and shovel the grain off but there is always some left which the birds aren't shy about going after.


I had the fire going in the pit before I hooked the trailer up as I wanted it going really well for the evening and grilling. I made sure to keep it well stoked as the evening came on.


For wrestling I had taken the last two tortillas with so I had to make more if we wanted them with dinner. Nicely it is a quick process and I soon had 25 a bit more flat bread-ish than tortillas.


I grilled the burgers then we watched the rest of History Of The World Part 2 which is great and I seriously hope Mel does season 2.


Shitty time change this morning meant I was in town an hour later but thankfully it's Sunday so there was no traffic. I have 6 barrels to empty in a while. On my way home I stopped for gas and the pump stopped at $61.61 then when I got in and reset my trip meter it was at 222.2 miles.

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