Wrestling Tournament, Medal, Trailer, Fire, Grilling -Saturday


It really is crazy just how many kids there are at the tournaments. Yesterday morning we headed down to Mead and we were there just at the right time to get in the weigh in line right before they all became super long. We found our seat in our team section and the wait began for pairings to be done and mat assignments to be finished. Right at 10am the bouts started but it was a while before either boy got to theirs.


The team did a warm up before hand and the entire time we were in the gym it was a loud cacophony of sound. It gets a bit overwhelming at times just how overbearing the roar is. I mean I get it but it's just so damn loud.


J had his matches but lost both. He is going against kids who started wrestling at R's age so have 3+ years experience on him. He may not end up being our athlete as he is a super smart kid.

R on the other hand kicked ass. His first match he got the pin in 42 seconds. The second match he won on points but barely as it was 14 to 13. Then the 1st place match which is this picture he pinned the kid in 43 seconds. At the end of the day he had the 3rd most points on the entire team, 22 points only because he didn't get a pin in the second match. This makes both tournaments he has entered this year he has gotten first in his age/weight class.


It was evening and I had the fire going in the pit in preparation for grilling and went out and got the trailer hooked up and barrels loaded for my grain run this morning.


The snow is gradually going away and the bare dirt areas are growing from under the trees.


After the UFC fights were over I got the burgers on the grill. I ended up in bed early with my skin super sore. The tail end of this eczema flare is not going away without a fight.


I have been to town for grain this morning already and will empty it in a while. Otherwise I am not sure what I will be doing today.

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1. I mean I get it but it's just so damn loud.

If it's to loud...

2. He may not end up being our athlete as he is a super smart kid.

So smart kids can't be athletes..


More so that he is far more interested in reading than competing right now. He isn't showing the drive to get stronger and faster for wrestling where R is. All good, each child is going to be better at various things and will have different interests.


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