Group of death lives to expectations

The last two world champions in the form of France and Germany as well as the latest European champion, Portugal in one and the same group for the European Championships - and of course poor Hungary .. It sounded like utopia for a long time, but on Tuesday night it became a reality.

The French met the German team at the Allianz Arena in Munich in a match many expected would be a big one of its kind. Both crews have a deep and profiled squad, which reflected the line-ups, where many stars sat on both benches.

The Germans put the best from land with tackles and most ball possession. Still, it was France who came to the biggest chances. After a quarter of an hour, Kylian Mbappe came to the match's first big opportunity, which was saved by Manuel Neuer.

20 minutes into the first half, Mbappe came free on the left side, made a hard cross close to goal that German Mats Hummels failed to clear and instead planed into his own goal. Doubtful defensive play but nonetheless 1-0 to France after the first half.

In the second half, the Germans began to push the French on the final third and get shots on the box. Ten minutes into the seco
nd half, Serge Gnabry had the opportunity to equalize, but his attempt went narrowly over goal.

The German pressure gave the French options for change the other way. Mbappe overpowered Hummels and was fouled in the box, but no penalty kick for the world champions.

Shortly after, the fast attacker was on it again. This time, he found Karim Benzema in front of goal, who sent the ball into the net, but was correctly convicted of offside.

The Germans did not come close to an equalizer, and therefore the match ended 1-0 to the world champions from France in a well-played and entertaining match that puts pressure on the German team in the rest of the group matches.