My Battles With Cocatrice.


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Today, I'm back again among you to share another one of my amazing splinterlands battles. In this one, I've used all my favorite monsters.

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In this post, I'm going to share a ranked battle of SPLINTERLANDS played by me using A Earth Summoner and the cards in it. In this match, I've used a special monster that can play under any summoner. The name of this monster is COOCATRICE This monster is going to be the main topic of this post.



The Cocatrice is a rare neutral monster. The neutral monsters aren't bound to any fixed splinter. It can play under any summoner. It's a monster with melee attacking ability that is well known


Screenshot (645).png

Explanation about this card from SPLINTERLANDS.

While most Dragons live in Draykh-Nahka, the little miscreant known as Cocatrice can be found pretty much anywhere in the Splinterlands. Their favorite activity seems to be wrecking markets by night. In battle, they are annoyingly difficult to hit, and they never stop squawking.

Screenshot (646).png

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I don't have any good summoner of dragons or any good card that play's under the dragon splinter. So, I thought about making a change and create something new. And I decided to create a post about a monster which is on the list of my favorite cards and also a dragon. Cocatrice my not be a dragon monster or summoner. But, it's a dragon by species. And it's the first dragon monster that I played with after joining splinerlands and I still use it.

Link To The Contest

Now, it's time to share my battle with you.

My Battle

Screenshot (642).png

My Battle Link

My Lineup:

Screenshot (639).png

Well in my battle, the Cocatrice actually did nothing. But as you can see in my thumbnail that I've also added a cropped screenshot of another battle that I've won with this card in the frontline. I've had taken a screenshot of that battle and I also saved the link in my notes. I was planning on discussing almost 5 winning battles and 5 lost battles in my post. So I was saving them. And I continued playing. But I don't know-how. But, they weren't saved. Maybe I forgot to save them. And as I've been playing a lot of matches. I also completed a daily quest. And that's why my battles were lost from the battle feed of my profile. But the Cocatrice did a super good work in that battles. It dodged three strong strike of the enemy monsters. If it had taken only one of those attacks, I'd loose the match.As you can clearly see it in the thumbnail that I used fire splinter to play the match. The summoner increased it's melee attacking ability which was a huge help. And I used SERPENTINE SPY (1 life), KOBOLD MINER (2 life), & GOBLIN FIREBALLER (2 life). So it's clear that if it hadn't dodged those three attacks, all my cards would've been knocked down and I'd loose the match (my CERBERUS was already dead).

About the 2nd battle now.

You can see the full battle by clicking on the link I put in this post, as well as in the screenshots. I'll explain more though. You can see that I used UNICORN MUSTANG in the first position. I use this card because of it's strong melee attacking ability and it's fast attacking speed. Also it has the void ability that helps this card to get only half damage on magic attacks. I used it in this match because for so long I was facing opponents that were using a lot's of magic attacking monsters. And my other cards with shield and shield ability was no help against them. And that's why I also used the FAILED SUMMONER in the second position which has the magic reflect ability. But, against this opponent, the void and magic reflect ability was of no help at all.

Screenshot (1197).png

Then I used the GOBLIN THIEF in the third position. I use this monster in almost each of my matches that I play using the earth summoner. I mostly use it because it costs only 3 mana cap to use in battles and has 2melee attacking ability including the sneak ability. Which is a big help on taking out the enemy monsters that are standing in the end of the line and attacking my friendly monsters first. And in this battle you can see it clearly that how the Goblin Thief took out the last two mosters all by itself.

Then in the 4th position I used the KHMER PRINCESS. I use this card because of it's magic attacking ability and it costs only 2mana cap to use it in battles. Though it's a little bit slow. But, that doesn't matter much compares to the mana cost.

Screenshot (1198).png

And then I used the theme card of this post. The cocatrice. I mainly used this card as backup. It was supposed to hold the positions by dodging the sneak attacks coming from the enemy monsters. But, the opponent didn't have much of them. So, it didn't got it's chance to shine.

In the end I used the EARTH ELEMENTAL. I've been using this monsters regularly from the beginning of my splinterlands career. This card is amazingly helpful in the end with it's high life level.
In the list of the monsters that I used in this battle, Cocatrice and the Earth Elemental was my most favorite cards. There's a reason behind me using the word "was". I had most of cards and summoners in top level. It was then when splinterlands was known as steemmonsters. I had a gold card of this Cocatrice. Which had both flying and dodging ability and was almost impossible to hit. I remember using it in the first position of most of my matches. I also had a top level card of the Eartg Elemental which had the healing ability. And I used to put this card in the end of the line. And with these two standing in the front and end of the line, my battles were most likely half won. But, I had some big crisis in my life and I was under so much money problems that I had to sell all my steem+sbd, crypto holdings even all the cards and summoners of splinterlands to get rid of these problems. I still haven't fully recovered from these problems and trying to build my game profile slowly. I hope Someday I'll be able to make my account as strong as before.

So, it was all about my lineup
My strategy in this battle was to stop the enemy using my first strong card which will also take down the enemies with its strong blow. And when it will hold the attacks of the opponent's monsters my other monsters will take down the other cards. My strategy worked successfully and I won the match.

Screenshot (1201).png

I really hope that you enjoyed reading my post and also enjoyed my battle. And as always it felt good to share my opinion about something with everyone. I'll be back among you all soon with another battle of mine to share it. So, stay tuned guys.
See you again in my next post. Till then stay happy, stay healthy. Take care. Also, stay at home and use a mask whenever you go outside. Because the second wave of covid-19 has started already and it's going to be more dangerous than ever. Good Bye.

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Your battle post has been very nice


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Thanks for sharing! - @libertycrypto27

Good battle and good considerations on the Cocatrice card. You're absolutely right, in the past it was a very useful card and used a lot in first position.