My Gameplay Video of Playing Call of Duty. Free For All Mode.


Hey Guys.

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I hope that you all are well by the grace of almighty Allah.

In today's post, I'll be sharing my gameplay video of playing one of the popular games. The name of this game is "CALL OF DUTY". It's the mobile version of this game and it feels almost good as the PC versions. In this video, I've played the Free For All mode of this game. It's mostly like the deathmatch mode which is now available in almost every first-person shooting game but there's a specialty in this free for all mode. In deathmatch mode, the fight happens between team vs team. But, in this one, the fight happens between player vs player. You can kill anyone you want and after death, you'll be revived again until any player reaches the kill limit of 20. Only then the match will end and the first one to reach the kill limits wins the battles.

I hope you'll like my gameplay.

My Video From Youtube.

***I hope you've liked my gameplay. See you soon with the new gameplay and I've also installed some new games on my PC and I hope that you're gonna love the gameplay videos. Till then stay happy stay well.

Thank You.