Punter's insults on social media!

First start with the good news, which is that the month did start with a winner. It was a 2 fold Parlay, which did take some time to win. The odds were 2.384.

No bet from my side today, so I do want to write about sports betting and social media. Not so much as promoting bets or bookies, trying to build a followers base or community, but the way they do use social media to connect with athletes. I did read a lot of this lately.

We first have to start with the fact that there are no safe bets. Regardless what one thinks about it. Not in football, tennis or golf. They just don't exist.
Still there are punter who do think that these exists and if they loose one of those so called "safe bets", they do think/feel or are convinced that the game was rigged. While it is not expected that the number one of the world in tennis does loose against number 250, it can happen, it does happen and it will happen. We only don't know one. In some case it is even enough that the huge favorites wins the first game but gets an injury in the second game and has to quit. In most cases this will result into a loosing bet.
A gambler which does play the odds, doesn't run into this so much. They do understand that each bet can be lost. They do look forward and not so much backward. But use the experience the become a better gambler and will search for mistakes they made. No so much blaming the athlete or team for their loss. There are situations, for sure in football, where refs could have a big impact on the story of the game, or in some sport mechanical errors.
Most people who do follow the F1, will expect a win of Verstappen in the first race, but he can have a mechanical failure, make an error or even got hit during the first corner after the start.
So yes a punter can loose a bet, which does look safe, due to unforeseen circumstances, but they do move on.

But then we do have the following category of people, who aren't great bettors, not good people. Those groups does count the athlete or team accountable for their losses. Regardless of what. Believe those teams or athletes don't know that you did back them, not do they care. They care about winning, about their own career and their own financial health.
15 to 20 years ago, it was very hard to come even close to those athletes, but things did change rapidly with all social media. Almost all athletes now do have a social media account on one of the big platform. Often to try to connect with their fans or to promote stuff and earn some extra money. But that could backfire hard! Even without sports betting they do get a lot of insults. Not so much for losing a game or title, but after winning one. This then does come from the fans of the competitors. Also the golfers who did choose to switch to LIV tour were broking down to the bone. Some even had to close or log out of their social media accounts. Regardless what my opinion is in this case, it wouldn't come into my mind to insult a person I don't know via social media, where I can almost anonymously insult that person!

But loosing sports bettors do lift this to a complete new level. After loosing a bet they do spam the social media accounts of the athletes or teams involved. And this just doesn't stop with insults. It does go much further than that. It goes from wishing all kinds of nasty diseases to the person in question up to threatening them or their family with dearth! That's not only one but many bridges to far. Firstly the team or athlete didn't request the punter to place a bet or to wager a fortune, which mostly they don't have! Secondly they don't care about the punter loosing the bet. They do care about the loss and what consequences this will have on their career.

It all comes down to the punter. (S)He is responsible for this bet, his bankroll and so on. While there are situation where match fixing is involved, this isn't the case in I hope 99% of the bets/games. And still them, the punter is probably betting on obscure games in obscure leagues!

To make it clear to all punters involved. A team or athlete in most cases doesn't loose a game on purpose. There could be situation where is loss is more beneficial for a team but then that knowledge is clear to everyone and it is the responsibility of the punter to know this.
I did loose bets with odds of below 1.05. I was furious on ... myself ... not on the athlete or team. Okay maybe a little bit, but more on myself. I did place the bet, I did stake the money, I did make the decision. I can't even imagine contacting an athlete, which is a real person from fresh and blood, which does have emotion, to insult him or her, whishing them all the nasty stuff of the world! Just like I don't contact an athlete to thank him/her for winning the game!

Unfortunately we have seen athletes mentally crack down to this. They already have the pressure enough of making an income or life up to the expectations of the world! This on top of this, can push a human being over the cliff!

Strange world we do live in! While social media could be a great gift, it also does have very nasty side effects. Not even 5% of those people would have the nerves to say those things directly into the face of the athlete. But they do feel so secure, anonymously, setting in their pajamas, drinking beer or whatever! Trying to blame other of their mistake, without fully understanding the impact of this!

Unfortunately this is also a dark side of sports betting! When people do think about the dark side of sports betting, they do think about addictions or match fixing, but we do quickly forgot that those stars or athletes are just a person like you and me!

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It is always a good idea to do your own research and to carefully consider the risks and potential returns before placing any bets. I am not a professional punter, for me it is just a hobby. I do place most of my bets in advance and do keep records of all my bets, but it is not encouraged to follow my bets blindly!