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Sorry while I do like to watch one game per week, I don’t bet it on. Just don’t have enough knowledge on the strength of the teams.
But the basis principle of betting are the same.
Yes Parlays could have a decent payout but are still branded as a fools bet. Pretty sire that parlays are one of the main income streams of the sportsbooks.
But nothing as sweet as cashing a winning parlay.

To see if Parlays do work, just keep a record of them. Keep the 3, 4 or x folds separate. When you do have of a profit after 100 parlays per type, that one does work for you.
Betting on American sports is extremely difficult due to all the stat records. You as I do know that the bookies do have more stats and sophisticated software that there odds are really sharp! Which makes them hard to beat.

So sorry no real advice. Just have fun and see where it ends.
And there will be a loosing streak! Just make sure that you don’t start to chase your losses, this is a goldmine for the bookies!

Good luck,


Thanks for the awesome advice! Good to know that I am playing the fool! I had never heard that before, but it makes sense. The odds are so high on a lot of those. It's a dang miracle that the stars align and I win any of them!