Formula One 2023 - Suggestions To Cure The Boredom?


On the weekend I was finally able to watch another f1 race and what I saw was actually shocking. I have been following the results and was losing interest in the current development of the series. It is not because I don’t like the sport or I disagree with the rules. I think the biggest reason why me and probably many other fans are losing interest in the sport is the crazy Red Bull dominance this year. In this article I want to talk a little about that, discuss potential improvements and talk about the future of Formula One.

Current Situation & Suggestions

I think it is no surprise that Max Verstappen will win yet another championship. Yes, he has the best car in the field and yes the he has probably the biggest talent as well. I would say there are only a handful drivers that would beat him in the same machinery and Sergio Perez is unfortunately not one of them. In my opinion Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso would be the first contenders to beat Max in the same car but then we must consider the following:

Max has his own racing style and the car was developed to bring out his strengths. This is probably one of the reasons why no Red Bull driver in the past few years was able to math Max in the same car. I am not saying that the aforementioned drivers would not be able to do that but they would definitely struggle as well.

Despite this dominance, there is a pretty intense development going on! I think that Mercedes could be considered the best of the rest while McLaren are slowly coming up to their old strengths again. I really hope that Silverstone was not a one time outlier. Furthermore, I hope that Aston Martin keeps their pace up and continues to deliver great results. Just imagine a team of Sebastian Vettel with Fernando Alonso! This would have been the dream but unfortunately the team is run by Stroll’s father which would definitely have a veto against that.

While those are the teams that still excite me, I am just very disappointed in Alpine and Ferrari. Especially the latter ones keep surprising me in a negative way every year. In Leclerc’s position I would think about another team very soon. Maybe a Mercedes cockpit with George Russell once Lewis retires? Or a Red Bull seat against Max Verstappen to cause “just an incident” a few more times? I am pretty sure the silly season this year will be amazing!

In general, it seems like the penalty that Red Bull has received is not really influencing them and I don’t think that it will influence them in the future as well. It also does not seem like the time in the air tunnel for the smaller teams is bearing any fruits at the moment. This is why we need to discuss other options to make the sport more interesting again. While I still think that Red Bull has done the best job of develop their car it is no secret that they just got the best engineers from other teams by paying them more. This begs the question for me: How are they able to do that?

Maybe a model in the future could be that there should be restrictions on the engineering man power that a team could have? But wouldn’t this harm the innovation and creativity of teams and therefore harm the actual purpose of the sport? A reverse grid would also not help to much as Max Verstappen would just delay P1 for a few more rounds. Therefore, this should not be the solution to penalize the best drivers in the field.

Another suggestion would be equal engines and equal cars in general what would again destroy the purpose of creativity and engineering. I think the solution should be far mor sophisticated and well thought trough than just simply throwing out suggestions like I did. My thoughts were involving the aerodynamics of the car and maybe even the tire management. Maybe there should be a distribution of tires and DRS capability throughout the season for each team and the teams can use them whenever they would like as well a small downgrade for every point that the teams made in the past season. It would somehow go in the same directions like the American sports: Worst team gets the first pick of young talent. Maybe this could be done applicably with tire management, aerodynamics and DRS usage. What are your thoughts on that?

Future Of Formula One

Despite the big discrepancy between the top and the rest of the field, I still think it is worth to continue to monitor the Formula One drivers. I am extremely interested to see how George Russell will manage to fight off his current status as he needs to start to deliver more points to the team. Furthermore, it is very refreshing to see Lando Norris on the podium again. It also looks like Williams is making their best out of their resources at the moment which could give them a great boost for the next few races. All in all it does not look too bad in the Formulae One community Apart of the biggest of elephants in the room: Max Verstappen.

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On 11th July 2023


Ferrari have been absolutely shocking this season. With the way Leclerc started last season he was touted to rival Max this season.

As for the dominance, that's been the bane of F1 for some time now.