Restructured My Day - New Workout Routine!


Recently I have began to become very tired throughout the day. Granted, I have been working more than 10 hours a day and my workload was very extreme over the past few weeks but still I couldn’t believe that my loss of energy has come from this amount of work. This is why I decided to analyze my day and discovered that each and every day my phone was something that I looked at in the beginning and in the end of the day. Not only that but my workout routine has taken a loss since July and therefore I decided to change my routine and restructure my day!

Restructure My Day

For almost a week now I tried to keep my new routine up and I wanted to share it with you guys. Let me know what you think. First off, I am starting to wake up around 5 am now. Depending on whether I work from home or need to drive to the office it varies a little bit. From there I am usually grab a quick snack and go straight to workout. This is one of the bigger changes for me. While I was exercising very late in the day I shifted my workouts to the morning. This way I feel like I already done something straight away and do not feel the pressure at work that I have To-Dos at home.

More details on the workout routine further down below. After the workout I grab my breakfast and take a shower. Throughout this whole time I did not touch my phone except to put on some music during the workout. Now it is around 6.30 and I can drive to work to start around 7.15. If I am working from home, I have about an hour, so I started to do my regular chores. Inform myself about the current situations or play a little bit of Splinterlands.

Once my workday is done round about 6 pm I know have almost 4 hours to myself without any pressure. I now have the time and energy to do the things that I either enjoy or pushed throughout the last weeks. One of the pushed things was for example the documentation of all my crypto earnings this year so far. I must say that it looks very nicely but definitely has room for improvement. Also I really do not look forward to pay taxes on those :D

Last but not least I am trying to read a bit more physical hard copy books. Currently, I am reading some self-learning book about the learning organization which is pretty interesting but I am very open for suggestions if you have any? 😊

New Workout Plan

With this being said, I also want to focus a bit on my actual workout plan since we are here all about sports! Well like we all know, Monday is international chest day, which is why I am working out chest and shoulders. I am trying to be as efficient as possible with my time here which is why I am choosing a mix of supersets and controlled repetitions. I am starting slow for the next months, but my target for the beginning of the next year is definitely to improve the amount of weight that I am maneuvering.

On Tuesday I chose to train arms and legs. I am doing 3 exercises for biceps as well as for triceps. In between sets I am doing a set of lounges or squads without weights. Believe it or not, but these breaks are sometimes harder than the workout. To cool off I am doing some core-exercises which are not forth mentioning.

Wednesday is Back day. My favorite exercise here is the pull-up. To be honest, I can only operate with bands and a pull up bar which is why the pull up is definitely the most advanced exercise here. In my peak I as able to do around 15 pull ups at once but at the moment I am struggling at 5. My goal here is definitely to bump it up to 10 until the end of the year!

Thursday are Rest-Days while Friday and Sunday are HIIT and Cardio Days. Here we do some basic running and some exercises like burpees and sprints. These were pretty fun so far but let’s see how it will develop in the future. I can definitely see myself being to tired to wake up one day :D


I think my main motivation is to feel more energized during the day and this is something I am definitely able to do. I think around 7 hours of sleep is a good amount at the moment. Furthermore, I think that the most important thing for me right now is to stay consistent and show up even though I am not in the mood. Baby steps towards my goal are also progress!

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On 23rd November 2022