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How to ruin an account: A davidesimoncini story

  • Recycle posts to earn double rewards for half the effort.
  • Get caught out and addressed for it by many members of the community.
  • Take no ownership and responsibility for the anti-community and selfish behaviour you displayed.
  • Be guided by multiple members of the community who try to help including how to rectify the issue.
  • Take no ownership and responsibility for your anti-community behaviour.
  • Be guided by multiple members of the community who try to help including information on how to rectify the issue.
  • Complain like a little girl in a frilly dress whose Barbie Doll got taken away.
  • Refuse to change your ways and post rubbish.
  • Get downvoted for it by the community.
  • Downvote specific people in reprisal and take no ownership or responsibility for having done the wrong thing in the first place.
  • Continue to downvote others out of spite, even when their downvoting of you stops, because people talk behind the scenes and wanted to see whether you continue your reprisal/vendetta voting...which you did, like a selfish, entitled idiot.
  • More people comment in a bid to get you thinking differently and back on track.
  • You continue with the same old dialogue, sense of entitlement and show no ownership or responsibility for your own actions that led you to where you are now.
  • People give up on you as a lost cause and can't wait to see you gone.

Your refusal to see the error of your recycling ways and your insistence that everyone is in the wrong (except you) is mind-blowingly stupid, but it is your right to do so, and it is your right to downvote other people for whatever reason you you choose...just as you are doing.

As I have said before, you have the freedom to act as you see fit, it is your right, and I hope you continue to do so; I'm glad you're using your freedom in that way.

But, that freedom you enjoy extends to others as well and they, as you do, can downvote as they choose...and they will davide, they will. This is how freedom works, and to think that you are free to act as you please and others are not is ridiculous.

You have done a fine job orchestrating your own demise and the deconstruction of your account here, bravo mate. It is unlikely you'll ever earn again here, and you're responsible for that. If you play silly games, you'll win silly prizes. Congratulations, enjoy the benefits of your own efforts which you freely chose to engage in.

The sad thing is, an admission of your wrongdoing and an apology for it, some ownership and responsibility, would have seen this whole matter dealt with and complete...Your pride, ego and hubris, your sense that people owe you something, and your inability to show humility and respect (for yourself and those trying to help you) has brought you to this place.

I hope you enjoy the position you've put yourself in, because it is a position that will probably never change, your actions have made it so.


Here we rename what are you doing with the term "Propaganda", being false in more than one point, and talking about a situation without find a solution to the problem. As I said before, I invite you to read my COMPLAINT POST HERE

Furthermore, what you are describing is not freedom, is a world where criminals have the rights to do what they want. Bye 👋