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They literally have attempted my murder and are trying to kill me with V2K and RNM. Five years this has been happening to me, it started here, around people that are still here. Homeland security has done nothing at all, they are not here to protect us. Dont we pay them to stop shit like this? The NSA, CIA, FBI, Police and our Government has done nothing. Just like they did with the Havana Syndrome, nothing. Patriot Act my ass. The American government is completely incompetent. The NSA should be taken over by the military and contained Immediately for investigation. I bet we can get to the sources of V2K and RNM then. ..... if you run into one of them you may want to immediately shoot them in the face. 187, annihilate, asphyxiate, assassinate, behead, bleed, boil, bomb, bone, burn, bury, butcher, cap, casket, choke, club, crucify, crush, decapitate, decimate, deflesh, destroy, devein, dismember, drown, electrocute, eliminate, end, execute, explode, exterminate, extinguish, finish, grind, guillotine, gut, hang, hit, ice, implode, incinerate, kill, liquidate, lynch, massacre, neutralize, obliterate, off, pop, poison, punnish, quarter, ruin, shank, shock, shoot, skin, slay, slaughter, smoke, smother, snipe, snuff, squish, stab, stone, suffocate, suicide, swing, terminate, torture, terrorize, whack, waste, wreck