IYC Contest #2- Sports . Swimming , Running and Fitness


Hello friends of this wonderful community , lovers of the site to which you belong , I am very happy to be for the first time in this community , participating in this very interesting challenge organized by @introduceyourcity

Hola amigos de esta maravillosa comunidad , amantes de del sitio al que pertenecen , Me alegra mucho poder estar por primera vez en esta comunidad , participando de este desafio tan interesante organizado por @introduceyourcity

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This week's challenge was to talk about how sport impacts your community, and it's amazing because until a few months ago I was not aware of this in my city, yes I had seen many courts and places to play sports, but I really did not understand the fact of how it transforms the vision of a community when it is embedded in a positive environment where it promotes the change of thinking.

El desafio de esta semana era hablar de como el deporte impacta en tu comunidad , y es increible porque hasta hace algunos meses no era consciente de esto en mi ciudad , si habia visto muchas canchas y sitios para hacer deporte, pero realmente no entendia el hecho de como se transforma la vision de una comunidad cuando esta enfocada en un entorno positivo donde se promueva el cambio de pensamiento


Because yes, when a child or a young person strives to lead a healthy life, they move away from many harmful things that could damage their life, their future. So there really arises more than an entertainment arises is a need , the need for children and young people to have something in which to direct their vision .

Porque si , asi es cuando , un niño o un joven se esfuerzan por llevar una vida saludable , se alejan de muchas cosas perjudiciales , que podrian dañar su vida , su futuro . Entonces alli realmente surge mas que un entretenimiento surge es una necesidad , la necesidad de que los niños y jovenes tengan algo en la cual dirigir su vision .


I believe that if the governments, which to a great extent are the ones in charge of creating this type of infrastructure, were clear about this, then in our countries there would be plenty of sport spaces.

Yo creo que si los gobiernos, que en gran medida son los encargados de crear este tipo de infraestructuras , tuvieran claridad de esto , entonces en nuestros paises sobraran los espacios deportivos .


I grew up in the city of Caracas and lived very close to the national sports institute of the country, and it was incredible to see how early in the morning there were young people, children athletes heading to the place to go to train, to exercise or just to walk, then at that time you could feel the sporting vibe, which motivated you somehow to do sports, even if you were not even the shadow of an athlete, but that is exactly what it is, to have a motivation, for which to do things.

Creci en la ciudad de Caracas y vivia muy cerca del instituto nacional de deportes , del pais , y era increible ver como desde muy temprano habian jovenes , niños atletas dirigiendose al lugar para ir a entrenar , a hacer ejercicios o simplemente a caminar, entonces en aquel momento podias sentir la vibra deportiva , que te motivaba de alguna manera a hacer deporte , aunque no fueras ni la sombra de un atleta , pero es que justamente en eso consiste , tener una motivacion , por la cual hacer las cosas .


Currently I live in the city of Maturin, #Venezuela, and as I mentioned at the beginning since a few months ago I have that sports awareness in my city, because I have been able to observe very closely how sport helps us to have a healthy mind and a healthy body, for a few months, we enrolled my brother who is autistic in swimming, and we have seen how to be doing this type of exercise helps him relax and focus your mind.

Actualmente vivo en la ciudad de Maturin , Venezuela, y como les comentaba al principio desde hace algunos meses tengo esa consciencia deportiva en mi ciudad , porque he podido observar muy de cerca como el deporte nos ayuda a tener una mente sana y un cuerpo sano , desde hace unos meses , inscribimos a mi hermano que es autista en natación, y hemos visto como el estar haciendo este tipo de ejercicios lo ayuda relajarse y enfocar su mente .

My mom usually accompanies him to practice and while he is there, she takes the opportunity to walk around the facilities of the sports complex, helping his body to stay in shape.

Mi mama generalmente lo acompaña a las practicas y mientras el esta alli , ella aprovecha para caminar por las instalaciones del complejo deportivo , ayudando a su cuerpo a estar en forma .


When you enter the facilities of this sports complex, the place is full of parents supporting their children in some discipline, and that's the beauty of sport, it unites families, promotes a healthy lifestyle and focuses the mind on the positive.

Cuando entras a las instalaciones de este complejo deportivo , el sitio esta repleto de padres apoyando a a sus hijos en alguna disciplina , y eso es lo bonito del deporte une a las familias , promueve una vida sana y enfoca la mente a lo positivo .


Having within the community, this sports facility, has motivated many people to be linked and feel the need to lead a healthy life, many older people are observed, with the idea of playing sports.

El tener dentro de la comunidad ,esta instalacion deportiva , a motivado que muchas personas se vean vinculadas y sientan la necesidad de llevar a una vida sana , se observan muchas personas mayores , con la idea de hacer deporte .

The greater the promotion of sports in a city or community, there will be less sedentary, more concern for health, more recreational activities, less crime, less drugs, and more future.

Mientras mayor sea la promoción del deporte en una ciudad o comunidad , habrá menos sedentarismo, mayor preocupación por la salud, mas actividades recreativas , menos delincuencia, menos drogas , y mas futuro .

Thank you for taking the time to read my publication, I hope you enjoyed it.

Gracias por tomar tu tiempo en leer mi publicacion , espero haya sido de tu agrado .

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I have been able to observe very closely how sport helps us to have a healthy mind and a healthy body

You're spot on with your observation. Sports is so important for having a balanced character and a good, healthy life. I see it in myself. When I skip my training, I am maladjusted, depressed and sometimes
a bit moody and after a workout or a bike tour, I have peace of mind.
Thank you so much for your entry and for sharing your experience.


Thank you for your kind answer, sport definitely clears our minds, I feel it every time I run and I forget everything for an instant. It is the best way to love our body and mind. Thank you for reading and answering.


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