The Peaceful Fighter


Photo by Silvio, sport mate


This time I have more words than photos. No worries! Just a few more.
Since spring 2020, when I was back in Germany I went back to martial arts in my home area, Bernau. Ju Jutsu & Judo was my choice. Lucky that these two clubs are sharing one dojo. I have experience from different martial arts many years ago and wanted to start at the scratch.
Corona forged plans not only different in my choice of home, it influenced my sport life, too. Unfortunately, caused by the restrictions, the training wasn't happening in the past two winters, around 9 month all together.
My goal was to reach the 2nd Kyu in Ju Jutsu in 2022 before I go to Barcelona to continue there, with a advanced degree and jump to Jiu Jitsu.
I could manage to do my exam, achieved new knowledge and wearing proudly the 4th Kyu. With a big thank you to my Senseis, who helped me so passionately.
I hope to find a good dojo in Barcelona. It will be Jiu Jitsu because Ju Jutsu is the German version. It shouldn’t be a problem to continue here. As far as I know is the only difference that you start earlier in weapons training and all executions, like punches, kicks, throws and clinch, are spoken in Japanese. Traditional I'd say. Like a Samurai.
Further, I will look for more Randori, sparring, or training of conflict resolution. Maybe MMA if the Sensei and partners are nice. I'm not a fighter for competition, at least I haven't trained like it but I really love Randori and have learned a lot while doing it. The respect to each other, the sparring partners, and the avoidance to get involved in any conflict is mastery. The only time to get involved is to protect the people in need.
People in need.
Easy to say when I see some villains in our ranks who take profit of other beings.
Shouldn’t they be incapacitated? What about nestlé, coca cola, the bank system, the political and economical system, and so on? Aren’t they villains?
But how could I incapacitate them? Is it one single person or many?
Would it change if they disappear? I guess I would not deliver a good assassin. Too many moral and ethical questions.
Although, I’m sporty and my experience help a lot being a good choice of a great competitor.
Another very important point is, as soon as my mind was playing with prejudices I felt many surprises during a sparring. Young, old, lady, gentlemen, thin or thick. All of these can hide a bunch of surprises.
A Japanese saying:

It's better to be a warrior in a garden than a gardener in a war.

I'm a peaceful fighter. I like the discipline, the training, to balance my mind and body. And the playful way to rampage.
I found a matching name.


One day you will find me teaching you how to punch a punching bag in a mindful, open hearted and spiritual way.
For me it's not only about fighting, punches, kicks and choke somebody to never-land. It's about controlling my emotions. Thinking before acting. Being objective.



I’m happy about your experience.
And let me know if you know any good dojos in Barcelona.
See you at our next Randori ^_^

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