This new Arsenal can beat Manchester City on Sunday.


Hello football lovers!

Yesterday was a nice day for Arsenal fans, although the first half was not what it should be. They witnessed their team comeback to win a match after trailing 1-0 after first half, something they managed to do eight years ago.

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Freddie benched Luiz and started Chambers, it worked out. The fans had believed David Luiz is mistake prone, they got their wish.

It was a weak display for the gunners at first half, it looked like the team was not hungry enough. And West Ham took the lead, which they deserved as far as I am concerned.

Then the second half was good, whatever Freddie told them during the break worked. It lifted their spirit and they played like a team that really wanted to win. I must commend Martinelli, he played like a hungry striker. He is just 18years and 174 days when he scored on his premier league debut yesterday.

Arsenal play at home against a relatively weak but angry Manchester City team on Sunday. Manchester City would be playing Champions League this week but they have qualified already. Pep Gaurdiola's would be on getting 3 point from Arsenal.

Although the 3goals Arsenal scored yesterday was down to a very questionable defending by West Ham, I still think Arsenal can hurt City if they can be focused while defending.

City does not have the depth, Fernadinho would still play as a center back. Auba, Lacazette and Martinelli can exploit that.

It would be cool to watch, all attacks. But if I was into betting, I would tip both team to score and any team to win. I would not place my money on any team to win, I do not really trust Arsenal as a team.

Stay focused and keep winning!