Cristiano 🐐 Ronaldo secures another win for United


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An exciting match awaits at Old Trafford, pace and entertainment were already guaranteed before the start whistle when Manchester United took on Atalanta.

The English were huge favorites, and with Rashford back in the starting line-up, expectations were huge.

The "red devils" lay heavily on the ball, while Atalante came with a sting attack the other way, United did not get to the big one.

The Italians were effective on the other hand, and two attacks later the away team was 0-2. Despite several great chances for the home team, it was also the position on its way down the player tunnel.

Manchester United came out strong in the second half, and after ten minutes Rashford was able to coolly reduce the northern Italians' lead.

They also came on 2-2 before Ronaldo could forehead the home team in front. Also, the party at Old Trafford could begin.