Chelsea Boss Frank Lampard Says He Doesn’t Fear Ajax But Does Respect Them


Chelsea face Ajax in the Champions League tomorrow and a reporter asked Frank Lampard during a press-conference: "Why are you so scared of Ajax?" Lampard's reaction says it all.

***Frank Lampard's press conference today:
Dutch journo: "Why are you so scared of Ajax?"

Frank Lampard: “What makes you say that?”

DJ: "You look scared…"

FL: “That is just my face.”

Photo credits: screenshot from Twitter Source

“We are confident in ourselves,” says Lampard ahead of Champions League test in Amsterdam. Chelsea boss Frank Lampard says he respects Ajax but does not fear them as the two sides prepare to face each other in Champions League Group H. Source

There is something incredible about the bizarre moment where a Dutch journalist is convinced Frank Lampard is scared of Ajax. I liked Lampard's intensity when he says, "When we are finished with Ajax, it will be all about Burnley".. Another 1-2 away masterclass incoming.

I’m so admired of his answer , the fact is the blues have a great manger. I am beginning to love his charecter, that was some stupid question and he handled it so nicely and smoothly.

Local journo exchange with Lampard:

Why are you so scared of Ajax?

“What makes you say that?”

You look scared…

“That is just my face.”

You talk after Newcastle, it was ‘Ajax are so good’. It’s all about Ajax…

“When Ajax is finished, it will be all about Burnley”.

At the end he said; ‘We are not scared of Ajax but we hugely respect them as a team. We also have confidence in ourselves.’