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Hello everyone!
In this post we invite you to CHECKMATE COIN ARENA tournaments!
They take place every Monday at 20:15 GMT and last 1 hour.
The first 7 winners of each round are given CHECKMATE COIN in WAVES EXCHANGE as a prize.
CHECKMATE COIN are divided as follows:
1st classified: 700 CHECKMATE COIN;
2nd classified: 600 CHECKMATE COIN;
3rd classified: 500 CHECKMATE COIN;
4th classified: 400 CHECKMATE COIN;
5th classified: 300 CHECKMATE COIN;
6th classified: 200 CHECKMATE COIN;
7th classified: 100 CHECKMATE COIN.
In addition, by playing in the CHECKMATE COIN ARENA tournament you participate in the CHECKMATE COIN GRAND PRIX.
The CHECKMATE GRAND PRIX scores are as follows:
1st place: 10 points;
2nd place: 8 points;
3rd place: 6 points;
4th place: 4 points;
5th place: 2 points;
From 6th place: 1 point.
To find out the updated ranking and where you are in the CHECKMATE GRAND PRIX, send an email to [email protected]
To collect the CHECKMATE COIN you can send your Lichess nickname, the name and date of the tournament, the position reached and your Waves Exchange wallet address.
You can see your wallet address by logging into the website; you can see it at the top right, it is a combination of letters and numbers.
You can send all this informations to the email address [email protected]
In addition, we have also created the CHECKMATE COIN GIVEAWAY, where you can win the CHECKMATE COIN in Binance Smart Chain!
We have also a POOL CHECKMATE COIN/BNB in PancakeSwap
See you in the next CHECKMATE COIN ARENA, that will be on Monday 17th 2022 at 20:15 GMT!
To participate in the tournament you can join the official CHECKMATE COIN Lichess group!

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