My first time at the final stage of the Giro d'Italia

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Hello friends of hotspot Italy, today I want to do an article telling you about yesterday, how I spent it and especially where I spent it, this was my first time at such an event.

I went to Verona city that I love and I have spoken to you again here.

On Sunday I went to see the final stage of the Giro d'Italia 2022, which ends right in the city of Verona inside the Roman Amphitheatre in the centre of the city.

I'm not a super cycling fan, I just like to ride my bike for passion and do a few kilometres in my spare time. But to tell the truth, I didn't know a single cyclist on this tour, so I went to the Verona trade fair area because that's where the time trial of about 17 km started, winding its way through the city for the final finish at the Arena di Verona.

I have to say that it is also difficult to photograph and follow them because they go really fast on their bikes. Next time I have to put myself in some areas near some climbs so that I can film them better.

Before the start of the time trial there was an area where the cyclists warm up.

Then I moved more towards the city centre to get closer to the finish line and I must say that there were a lot of happy and cheerful people making a lot of noise.

So I was left waiting for almost everyone to finish the time trial and the pink jersey to arrive, in fact the victory went to Australian Hindley who managed to hang on and take home the win which I feel was more than 30 years since an Australian had won.

I have to tell you that the most emotional part of the day was the award ceremony inside the Arena but also the farewell to cycling by Vincenzo Nibali a great champion for us Italians.

To give you an idea of the joyfulness inside the Amphitheatre I leave below a short short of the award ceremony.

Thank you for reading the article up to this point I hope it has been interesting for you

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