Yesterday tour in Lazise (Verona) - Italy

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*Yesterday after a long time I took a tour in Lazise, one of the first municipalities of Lake Garda, a truly touristy place because it is ideal for a romantic getaway but also for a family holiday.*

I did a little tour inside the town this is what you see in the photo is the small port which is located right in the center of Lazise near the town hall

Unfortunately, some beautiful photos did not come because the weather was not the best and there was even a bit of cold which is really unusual for the area since fortunately the weather there, even in winter, is always mild.

If you are looking for an excellent panoramic point in Lazise where you can take beautiful photos, watch the video because I will take you there to a beautiful panoramic terrace completely free of charge Where you can immortalize the port of Lazise during the sunset under this panoramic terrace there are public toilets which is not a foregone conclusion unfortunately in Italy.

every time I go for a walk in that area there I always find friends who follow me who are always looking for food are the ducks that are now almost tame, but be careful to give them food because you risk the fine!

I don't know if any of you know it but Lazise was still founded by the ancient Romans and it was the first free municipality of Garda in Italy and certainly besides the beautiful walks you can do in the town there are also some beautiful beaches where you can do the swim in Lake Garda.

Follow me because now that the warm season will arrive I will surely bring more content to Lake Garda and its fantastic villages that characterize it.

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