Actifit | AFIT Bridge Live - Review



Actifit Project

  • Proof of Activity for reward
  • Rewarding AFIT, HIVE, STEEM & Sports tokens
  • This project inspires everyone to exercise.
  • This is the best projects in movetoearn projects.

Hive Blockchain & Binance Smart Chain

  • This project was started by Hive & Steem Blockchain.
  • Launch that token recently on Binance Smart Chain.
  • The price of the $AFIT token differs between the two blockchains.

Hive Engine Price $AFIT - $0.00128

Binance Smart Chain Price $AFIT - $0.1054


AFIT Bridge

We all waited for the AFIT Bridge announcement. The actifit had released the official announcement yesterday. In my opinion that announcement seemed a bit disappointing to everyone.


If you look at the picture I mentioned above, you will understand why it was disappointing.

  • Locking the HBD token parallel to its value to move AFIT token from hive engine to bsc wallet address is unfortunate.
  • That means if you want to transfer the value of $100 AFIT token to the bsc wallet address you also need to lock the value of $100 HBD token.
  • In addition the fees for every transfer, Minimum 1 HBD to 1% HBD deducted as fees depending on the value you are transferring.
  • They also announced that HBD token would be locked for at least a week.
  • But the announcement said that the locked HBD token would only be available when the AFIT token was transferred from the bsc wallet address to hive engine.
  • Then why do we need to transfer AFIT token from hive engine to bsc wallet address?


Dear @actifit team, you need to clarify a few things for us.

  • The value of AFIT token must be the same for both blockchains, so you say locking HBD token. But the amount of HBD being locked is too high.
  • And you mentioned that the locked HBD will only be returned when the AFIT token is transferred from bsc to hive engine, so what's the status of the locked HBD if we do not transfer it?
  • In my opinion it is enough if you deduct only the fees to transfer AFIT token.

Thanks for spend your valuable time. Have a great day..!

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