TRENDING: Harry Winks – The once adored Andres Iniesta reincarnate now struggles to find his feet at spurs


In a team where managers are constantly changed for fun, history has usually shown that there is a player who gets to suffer more than the others.


For Tottenham, that player has proven to be Harry Winks:

Harry Winks under Mauricious Pochettino
The young English man proved to be a force to be reckoned with under former boss Mauricious Pochettino. He was even crucial in the Tottenham setup that went all the way to the Champions League finals in 2019.
Due to his complete elegance and style in midfield, Harry winks was severally compared to Andres Iniesta by his manager and numerous English pundits.

Winks destroyed by the “Special One”:

Until God knows how long, supporters of Tottenham Hotspurs have linked the downfall of Harry Winks to the emergence of Jose Mourinho as Tottenham manager.
The English man has constantly left off the Tottenham starting lineup when Mourinho was the manager. This no doubt took a toll on his performances and hindered his development.

The negative effect of Jose Mourinho:

After constantly being left out by Jose Mourinho, Harry winks has found it quite difficult to regain his mojo under current boss Nuno Espirito Santo.
So far, Winks has only managed two Premier League starts. Two were when he came in sometime during the 89th minute of the game.
While the other one was a game against Crystal Palace which he started. However, Tottenham went on to lose to the Palace side.


Without a doubt, the constant omission of Harry Winks by Jose Mourinho has taken a serious toll on the career of the English man.
As long as things continue this way, we may well be seeing Winks move away from the north London side.