Come, walk with Me :)


Hello Hivers and Actifitters!

Hope you are doing great.

The farm boy was out downtown yesterday and I opted to stay and do my thing. It was a little cold and windy too but it was generally an awesome one.

I went for a walk nearby late afternoon and was not able to take some snaps but I still invite you to have a short walk with me :)

Let's go!

These are random photos taken at different walking sessions in previous days or weeks.

This is one of the flat footpaths which I seldom use when going for a walk. I prefer the uphill terrain to challenge my thighs and calves.


This trail is quite steep but we like going through this route as it is refreshing with some trees around and there are also a lot of things to see.


And the sunflowers have already bloomed, which, according to old folks, the dry season is about to start. Although we are glad that it rained today.


And this is a type of fern found up the hills. Nature certainly has its own surprises along the way, that is, if we have the eyes to notice them.


These are shadows of tree branches photographed on a sunny late afternoon.


And speaking of shadows, here was mine. Shadows can be deceiving, yeah? It makes me look very tall there.

And I didn't know corianders bear flowers until I came across some blooming ones in the past months. They have already grown tall and they are bloom beautifully. Except that they have some odd smell.



And seen this strange plant in one of our distant neighbor's backyard some time ago while trying to hunt for some autumn leaves. It has no other parts except the stem and this fruit-like stuff.

And these are mostly found along the way. There are different weeds around and those that flower and are interestingly unique will always grab my attention.





Back to our own yard, here's one of the many plants that I cannot name so I just call them ornamentals.

And then they turn pinkish when they bloom. The flowers droop just like these.


This is how the whole plant looks like. It can grow tall to over 2 feet. This is the type that you can cut the leaf, place it close to the soil and it will sprout producing many new ones, thus they are easy to grow and multiply.


They are quite resistant even to the scorching sun's heat. Although their leaves turn golden brown when the sun is too hot.


And this ist a lone fruit of one of the yellow chili peppers in our yard. It is now ripe but it is getting ignored because it is cold these days and we don't use spicy sauce.

And here are some more snapshots that were taken out of the yard.
Blue skies✅
White clouds✅

Sunset ✅ Just the perfect ending to a long very long day :)


And for these and everything else, we are grateful as always!

Many thanks and until next time!

All photos are mine


FarmGirl writes from their lil kingdom in the mountains of PH.
She is also on Read -o- Noise -o- Torum -o- Twitter

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