⭐️ Rising Star - Reached level 85, goals and progress update and a Common card Giveaway - ends 06/11

Hello and welcome to all the readers.

A good progress since last post.
Reached level 85 doing a mix set of small and big missions to maximize starbits and XP accumulation.

Common Card Giveaway:

Today, i am going to giveaway a common card.

Three simple rules:

a) Comment below with your risingstar username.
b) Upvote this post, if you want to :-)
c) Follow and Re-post, if you like this post.

I will pick a winner on 06/11 after 12.00am UK time.

updates on goals for November:

TaskGoalCurrent Status
Level8785 🔺
Custom shop missions152

Ultimate goal is to buy the millionaire card by July'2022.

TargetAccumulated% completed

Alternatively, will buy from the market whenever funds are available.

Game Stats:


Skills - 6037 from cards, 12329 from lessons
Temporary fans - 10810 from cards, temporary 0
Luck - 2374
Cards - 276

Ego from fans - 10810 (0 temporary drunk fans)
Ego from missions - 7260
Total - 18070

Players Ranking:


Rare Card Swaps:

Anyone interested in card swaps, please comment below.

Cards to swap:
Type of CardCard Name
PeopleR96 MC Bruv
PeopleR61 Vimbo
PeopleR59 Laney
PeopleR77 Rezz
PeopleR85 Carly
PeopleR87 Stacy
PeopleR54 Ellie
PeopleR51 Brad
PeopleR49 Bethany
InstrumentsR57 Pink Mic
InstrumentsR46 Guitar
InstrumentsR45 Mandolin
InstrumentsR64 RS 30 Guitar Synth
Cards i want:
Type of CardCard Name
PeopleR48 Jessie
PeopleR50 Ali
PeopleR41 Storm
PeopleR66 Matt
PeopleR69 lucy
PeopleR5 Male Rapper
PeopleR42 Kris
PeopleR4 Female Rapper
PeopleR8 Lead Guitarist
InstrumentsR6 Congas
InstrumentsR43 String machine
InstrumentsR33 Hong drum

Thank you for reading my post.

Have a nice day.


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Nothing creates engagement like a give away. Currently I am still trying to learn the ins and out of Splinterlands. This reminds me of my Father in the late 80s "You can't make money playing those TV games"
Enter the BlockChain, where making money playing blockchain games is easier than joining a program and selling a product, plus a whole lot more fun.
Keep the updates coming love reading about your journey :-)