WPL - Women's Premier League - The story so far..

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The inaugural WPL (Women's premier league) cricket tournament started on 4th March in Mumbai, India.
A grand opening with various artists and bollywood celebrities performing before the start of the first match.

The inaugural tournament contains 5 teams,

  • Delhi Capitals women - owned by JSW–GMR
  • Gujarat Giants Women - owned by Adani Group
  • Mumbai Indians Women - owned by Reliance Industries
  • Royal Challengers Bangalore women - owned by Diageo
  • UP Warriorz women - owned by Capri Global

source: https://www.wplt20.com/

WPL tournament Format:

  • All teams will play against each other twice, i.e., 20 league matches.
  • The team on the top of the table will directly qualify for the final.
  • The eliminator match will be played between the 2nd and 3rd placed teams on the table. The winner will play the final.

So far, there has been drama and setbacks and great wins.
Only two league matches are left to decide the first and second spot on the table.

Today's match between Delhi Capitals women and Mumbai Indians women changed the table standings.

As of yesterday, Mumbai Indians women were on the top of the table, but today after been beaten badly by Delhi Capitals women.
Mumbai Indians women move to the second spot and Delhi Capitals women take the first spot.

Table Standings as of today:
source: https://www.wplt20.com/points-table-standings

But the fight is still on.

Delhi Capitals and Mumbai Indians still have one more match to play tomorrow.

  • Delhi Capitals women play against UP Warriorz women
    UP Warriorz women are already in 3rd place and qualified for the eliminator.
    Delhi Capitals women have to win with good NRR to take first spot and go into finals directly.

  • Mumbai Indians women play against Royal Challengers Bangalore women
    Mumbai Indians women won their first 5 games and lost 2. Whereas Royal Challengers Bangalore lost first 5 games and won last 2 games.
    Royal Challengers Bangalore women have nothing to lose, a win will be a good end to their tournament. Whereas, Mumbai Indians women have to win with good NRR to take first spot and go into finals directly.

Win Scenarios:
There are three outcomes, assuming rain doesn't play spoil sport.

  1. Delhi Capitals women WIN and Mumbai Indians women LOSE - Delhi Capitals women go the finals and Mumbai Indians women will play the eliminator on friday against UP Warriors women

  2. Delhi Capitals women LOSE and Mumbai Indians women WIN - Mumbai Indians women go the finals and Delhi Capitals women will play the eliminator on friday against UP Warriors women

  3. Both WIN their respective matches they tie to 12 points each - The team with the best Net Run Rate will go to the finals and the other one plays the eliminator

The eliminator will be played on Friday 24th March' 23 and the Finals will be played on 26th March'23

The WPL tournament success is just the beginning to not only to entertain but to empower the women's cricket in india.

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