June 26th Daily Fantasy Basketball - Suns vs Clippers

Lineup One - 50/50

In the 50/50 game, your goal is to have a team that scores in the top half of all lineups to receive a payout, although everyone receives the same regardless of being 1st or 50th. You're given a salary of $60,000 and get to not only select five players, but get to assign an MVP, Star and Pro who have multipliers of 2x, 1.5x and 1.2x respectively to their score.

My Lineup:

I've taken a very star heavy approach to tonight's game. I expect that CP3 returning to the Suns lineup tonight will not result in him have a massive personal game, but he should raise up Booker and Ayton with both assists as well as focus from the Clippers. On the flipside, the Clippers will continue to lean heavily on PG and while I do not personally anticipate him to be very efficient, he should produce points..

My final two roster spots are very boom or bust oriented - We've already seen Terrance Mann GO OFF in the playoffs this year and always has the potential to get the hot hand shooting. Cam Johnson has a lower ceiling but still could has the potential to bring in points with rebounds and some points against the 2nd squad.

Let me know your thoughts! If you play Fan Duel and want to do a Head to Head, let me know!

If you're interested in playing Daily Fantasy, the best option in my opinion is Fan Duel. The app is easy to use, there are a ton of different sports/leagues available, a variety of matchup types and they offer great bonuses if you're an active player.

Below is a sign-up link that'll give you $10 to get started. (Note - It is a referral link so I would receive a bonus as well.)
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