My Actifit Report Card: January 24 2023


Ugh it was another busy day and I didn't have time for most things today. I was going to get 5k steps but I forgot about it after using the restroom. So I guess I didn't even get that done. I went through my feed and there are still some posts to read but I am too tired to do anything more tonight. I did do some splinterlands it's way too late. I kind of stayed up for that otherwise I would have gone to sleep already.

There is a crypto maniacs podcast but I will leave that for tomorrow to watch. Besides that, it looks like people are optimistic about crypto again but I don't know if we are in a bull market or not yet. It just looks like a trap and I don't think it has rebounded enough to get everyone to jump in just yet. Of course I am happy for anyone who did get a nice jump in their portfolio though.

Splinterlands is tough and I did farm some extra chests before my focus reset by pushing it up to 11 chests. My new focus is water and I am at 7 chests. If I get some more chests tomorrow, then I should be able to reset tomorrow and not stay up so late anymore. My win rate was about average but I think it's been a tough season and I don't think I will do as well this season when compared to the previous one. The reward chests didn't have anything good and the cards are going out of print soon. So I hope to collect some more reward cards for my own use. The new soul bound reward cards is not something that I look forward to.
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