Workout log #2: The 2-in-1 (Helsinki & Cycling)


I guess this is the official cover picture now. Source

Hey, friends!

Here's an update on my workout journey.


I recently visited Helsinki with my girlfriend for a day. We already had the idea to go a few years ago, but since COVID-19 was growing to the size of a pandemic, we thought it'd be safer not to tkae the plunge. Needless to say, it was the right call as the day after our departure, Estonia went on lockdown.

A fun fact is that the last time we wanted to visit Helsinki, we wanted to go on Friday the 13th – it just so happened we visited Helsinki this year on Friday the 13th. A fun coincidence in my opinion.

We mostly walked around the city center, visited Kiasma, the contemporary art museum and also saw the Uspenski cathedral and the Helsinki cathedral. Now the workout part: altogether, we took ~35 000 steps that day, which equated to about 25 kilometers of walking, according to my Apple Watch. My feet hurt like hell that evening and when we finally got home, I don't think I've ever fallen asleep that quickly.

The next day, on Saturday, we wanted to visit my grandmother and had the idea to cycle there. Initially we wanted to go by bus, but as we had another 1,5h until the next bus, we were too impatient and cycled. My grandma lives about 16km away. Halfway there, we also stumbled upon a huge raincloud and got really wet, but since my grandma has a fireplace, we had somewhere to dry our clothes.

Some pictures from Helsinki:


The Helsinki cathedral (if I'm not mistaken)


One of the art installations in Kiasma


Lovely roadside flowers!


Our first stop in Helsinki: coffee.

Eurovision + more cycling

Since Saturday was the Eurovision night, my aunt invited us to visit her to watch it together. That made our cycling tour a bit longer: 11km from my grandma's house to my aunt's house. After finishing watching the Eurovision at like 2 A.M, we had to cycle back to the city from my aunt's house, which was another 8 kilometers.

Altogether, me and my girlfriend rode about 35km on Saturday. While she doesn't cycle alot (and had to tell me that she's tired after every kilometer), she still did a great job and we eventually made it home!

Post scriptum

Unfortunately I don't have any data about my current weight as my girlfriend's apartment doesn't have a scale, but once I get back to my apartment, I will weigh my self and let you all know in the next post. Something to look out for, right? ;)


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