Move to Earn Midweek Mode - My Actifit Report Card: September 21 2022


Wednesday , September 21, 2022 - 60 minutes


E = Endurance
S = Strength
P = Power

Today’s template included a run to row, so there was very little doubt in my mind that I was NOT going to get 12 splats today.

Getting back to working out after the forced three months off is one thing, but having to negotiate with your body through current, past and present injuries makes it much more challenging.

So, as I’m re-establishing myself and begrudgingly having to go into some of these sessions having to pick and choose the intensity of my efforts is a work in progress.

Today, I decided that instead of going that extra mode the day before rest day tomorrow; I just accepted to keep it less intense.

Now, there is no such thing as a light High Intensity Interval Training session; but after doing these workouts for a long time now and the coaches knowing Tiffany and my situation, we can modify accordingly or ask for modifications if necessary.

This morning, Tiffany and I worked out at OTF Nona South for Coach Elise and she was as energetic as usual.


On to the workout template of the day:

My shoulder was barking today and of course the right side from my ribs up to my neck was where the impact from the accident happened.

So today’s floor work had some heavy loaded shoulder reps and I had to immediately talk myself out of doing anything stupid.

I went with 10 to 20 pound dumbbells for most of the reps and a 40 pounder for the goblet squat.

Floor Block 1 - 6.5 minutes

• ⁠10 x goblet squat (40 pounder), rest

• ⁠back to back:
⁠• ⁠10 neutral grip front raises (12 to 15 pounders)
⁠• ⁠10 lateral raises (12 to 15 pounders)
⁠• ⁠10 reverse flys (10 pounders), rest

Floor Block 2 - 6.5 minutes circuit

• ⁠20 total quick lateral hops
• ⁠20 total foot exchanges
• ⁠5 balance bicep curls, each side (I went with the 15 pound dumbbells)
• ⁠10 wide stance bridges

Floor Block 2 - 7 minutes

I used the 20 pound dumbbells for the thrusters:

• ⁠30 second of neutral grip thrusters AMRepsAP (As many reps as possible, I averaged a very conservative 10 reps throughout)
• ⁠30 second rest
• ⁠1 minute of walkout to high plank pops
• ⁠30 second rest
• ⁠30 second of neutral grip thrusters AMRepsAP
• ⁠30 second rest
• ⁠40 second of walkout to high plank pop
• ⁠30 second rest
• ⁠30 second of neutral grip thrusters AMRepsAP
• ⁠30 second rest
• ⁠20 second of walkout to high plank pop
• ⁠30 second rest

• ⁠Finisher: 30 seconds of neutral grip thrusters AMRepsAP


This block essentially had us go from the treadmill to the rower throughout the entire block.

That cuts into the running and knowing that usually curtails my splat generation including my cautious approach today that was guaranteed.

Tread Block - 23 minutes

I jogged/ran/walked all my inclines at 4 to 6 miles per hour. So I did the unthinkable for me and not run them all.

When it was no hills, then I averaged 7mph and ran the ALL OUT as fast as 8.5 miles per hour.

Inclines = %

• 0.1 mile base run @ 10%
• ⁠100 meter ALL OUT row
• ⁠1 minute Walking Recovery (get back to base)

• 0.2 mile base run @ 8%
• ⁠100 meter ALL OUT row
• ⁠1 minute Walking Recovery (get back to base)

• 0.3 mile base run @ 6%
• ⁠100 meter ALL OUT row
• ⁠1 minute Walking Recovery (get back to base)

• 0.4 mile base run @ 4%
• ⁠100 meter ALL OUT row
• ⁠1 minute Walking Recovery (get back to base)

• 0.5 mile base run @ 2%
• ⁠100 meter ALL OUT row
• ⁠1 minute Walking Recovery (get back to base) - went from the 0.4 to the finisher, because of the time.

• ⁠Bonus: run for distance until the 30 sec AO finisher

ALL OUT Finisher: Member’s Choice - I chose to do the last ALL OUT on the treads.



Today’s workout was one that may not be my typical results oriented session, but I burned over 600 calories and was active all the way through.

I have to continue to be mentally prepared for that reality.


Tomorrow is a rest for me and of course Tiffany.

We get back at it Friday and Saturday mornings. I’m considering taking my second day off on Sunday.

Still not ready to go back to 6 out of 7 days.

Hell Week is next month and Tiffa and I usually do all 8 days, which are consecutive; so curious to see if we are able to do that this year.

I’ve done it for 8 years in a row and Tiffany and I for 7 years consecutively together.


About Orangetheory Fitness (OTF)


I’ve crushed 3000 PLUS Orangetheory Fitness sessions:

I’m up to 3097 sessions


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I see you had an easy day, only 12k, compared to your 20k days, Thanks for sharing.


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