Happy Sunday Mutha Fu#*ing Funday HIVERS!



Love me some Samuel Jackson, that dude is cool 😎.

Today, is one of those days for me that puts an extra pep in my step. Specifically, during the NFL American Football season.

The season is on Week 5 and my favorite team - Dallas Cowboys - are playing well and I just enjoy watching all the games. I watch it on NFL RedZone to get all the feels from every game.

I’m heading out to burn some calories and splats at Orangetheory Fitness to earn a beer and a pizza for crushing my workout? It’s not a cheat day, those are for my fiancé and I my Saturdays; but we’ll see 🤷

With that said, have a great day HIVERS and prepare to crush the upcoming week and keep active on HIVE! I’m rooting for your success!!

Let’s Gooooooooo!!!