Jiffy on Day TWO of OTF Project: Hell Week 2022


Tiffany and I knocked out Day Two of OTF Project: Hell Week 2022 series and today's template was The Distance Directive. It involved busy floor blocks but an even busier run to row. I'll break it down when I submit my @actifit post later today.

With this being Tiffa's and my eighth Orangetheory Fitness HELL WEEK, you would think we would be bored with the series by now and it's quite the opposite as we get more excited about this week every year.

So this morning, Jiffy (Jimmy + Tiffany) as we are known in the Orangetheory community sported the 2016 Hell Week shirt we earned, which I uploaded for this post and I also uploaded the toys I used for the floor blocks. The picture came out blurry, but with the orange lighting, the theme being what it is; I kind of don't mind how the photo came out.

My body feels good considering, we still have another 6 workouts to go before the next time we take a rest day. I tried to put most of my efforts into the floor exercises including the dumbbell work and kept from extending myself too much on the cardio side to conserve the wear and tear of doing these type of workouts that are at another level during this challenging series.

Stoked about Day Three tomorrow!


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