Actifit Report Card 101221: whew, I made it.


Sometimes life it about getting the goal by barely reaching it.

That's what my next two @actifit posts will be about.

The only thing I did to achieve my steps was to be diligent with making sure my app was on at peak activity times.

It's a moral victory

Yeah, I know. In sports moral victories don't usually deserve celebration. However, in this case, I think I'll take a victory lap. I wanted to meet my my minimum goal and I have been able to do that the past two days.

I'm Good

For me, it's more about meeting my goal for a consecutive number of days, rather than worrying about how far I go over my goal. Now don't get me wrong, I want to go over my goal, but sometimes just making the minimum goal is achievement enough.

There will be other days to get over 5k steps

Yesterday and today just don't happen to be those days.

Until tomorrow!

Pics are from 90 East heading towards downtown Cleveland Ohio.
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