Arsenal top four under probability


B11408EE-F369-4E66-9BA9-65F9B191BD58.jpeg This has been really funny and difficult to the way football have change in this advance world ,because for some years back premier league hasn’t been like this. Anything that will make Arsenal or some other big team play any smaller team we all know it just a catch of point for the big team. But now is it games has change big team play smaller team with the hope of the smaller team look up to win the match. Sheffield United play Arsenal and get three point form Arsenal struggle to look for draw which they could not get. I think the same issue the Arsenal fun are complaining about the former coach Wenger the new coach also having the same issue. To me I think with the like of team like Arsenal,Manchester United and Tottenham won’t be consistent this season,with the way there analysts of game is going they can not enter top 4 this season. Let look at the like of the small team called Sheffield United just promoted to premier league this season even was just promoted to championship last season before coming premier league again. This particular team has made a huge amount of money for just some year now. Look at the like of westham and Newcastle collect three good point form Manchester United.loosing all these point we make down down on the table and not participating in some major tournaments .