Leonard will win the NBA award 2020


![F4512554-5F4E-48E4-AF2B-3AAD508CCA79.png]( Los Angeles clipper forward kawhi Leonard his about to win the NBA award coming up next year 2020, which all most all the manager with the fan and so are are really talking about now. The 18th annual poll showed that 46 per cent of the NBA's 30 general managers expect the Clippers to win the crown with Leonard, who left Toronto in July, and Paul George, who arrived from Oklahoma City.

Another 36 per cent of the NBA team decision makers picked the Milwaukee Bucks, led by Greek star Giannis Antetokounmpo, with 11 per cent choosing the Lakers. Which I also think is still going to be 50/50 chance for the clipper for the fore coming award in 2020.