Reason to be happy about N B A new season


E211DC17-C834-4C49-BB03-FD580DB12073.jpeg. If you feel like the NBA Finals, or at least the free agency period, just happened, you're not alone. The NBA is a 12-month, non-stop season in many ways now, and here they are with actual 2019-20 regular-season games set to open.A season it should be, Here are reasons to be excited for what's to come from the NBA. NBA is many things, but unpredictable isn't usually one of them. In a typical season, you can count on one hand -- and even that is often a stretch -- the teams that have a realistic shot to win a title. This year, as many as 10 teams, The Clippers are the odds-on favorite, but plenty of people would take the Lakers. Multiple execs who've spoken with CBS Sports tabbed the Bucks as the rightful favorite. The Sixers are stacked. If the Warriors are able to hang on until Klay Thompson gets back, they still have the core of a team that won the 2015 title and 73 games