share your battle weekly challenge deeplurke


Hello friends of splinterlands today I want to share my battle using the common water card DEEPLURKER if you want to share your battle you can find information in the following link share your battle weekly challenge deeplurke.

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Battle Lineup Battle

Understanding the battle rules Up close and personal, place fast cards, my summoner KELYA FRENDUL LVL 5 gives +1 armor, +1 speed, my lineup was as follows: SEA MONSTER with life ability and LVL 5 has +3 speed, WAVE RUNNER reach skill with a speed +4 LVL 4, DEEPLURKER opportunistic skill with a speed +2 LVL 1, PELACOR BANDIT with sneak skill with a speed +4 LVL 5, FEASTING SEAWEED with opportunistic skill with a speed +1 LVL 1 and adding inspiration to DEMENTED SHARK with a speed +3 LVL 3 also adds +1 melee to all monsters and protects the team from sneaks, my strategy was to protect myself with the armor, have greater speed and take advantage of +1 in melee that it grants DEMENTED SHARK and it worked perfectly I was very fast, I was protected against spines, sneak attacks and opportunists, with a very high melee.

DEEPLURKER is a very interesting common monster at LVL 3 it gets speed of 3, combined with sumonner KELYA FRENDUL adds +1 speed and LVL 6 has the poison ability and +1 melee it is an incredible power for a common monster, when I see it in my opponent's alignment worries me a lot because it is very damaging.

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