This Last Week Nil Maizar Monitor Physical Condition of Persela Players

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So on this happy morning I will write a little about the ball, hopefully it will benefit us all. Persela coach Lamongan Nil Maizar, continues to monitor the physical condition of his players after the competition some time ago. Nile has been watching the physical development of the players since the team's first practice, on Tuesday the 21st Month 01 of 2020 morning.

The former Semen Padang coach wanted to see what the physical condition of the Laskar Joko Tingkir players, nicknamed Persela. Yesterday we practiced to see the initial physical condition of all our players. the aim is to show whether they have been practicing for a month or not. The coach who had handled the Indonesian national team admitted that he did not provide a heavy training portion for his players, because the coach had his own reasons. Nile emphasizes the process of adaptation of the players before training will be galvanized on tactical material.

"Now we have done more training in training adaptation, until Monday we might be tactical," he added. Meanwhile, for the composition of the players, Nil said if the old players who were defended by the management of Persela had gathered. Only a few new players haven't arrived yet. So far, Persela has officially brought in Roni Fatahillah, Alfonsius Kelvan and Reky Rahayu.

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