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Hello,sports lovers and lovers of the sports talk social community.I'm new to this community and this is my first time posting here.
My favorite athlete is Lionel Andres Messi.He is a footballer and he widely regarded by many as the GOAT (greatest of all times) of football.
Leo as he is sometimes called,grew up in Rosario,Argentina.As a kid,he came to love football as a sport and he always had his family members to support him, especially his grandma.She took him to his first football match and kept encouraging to keep pushing because she could see the potential in him.
As time went on,Leo stopped growing.He was then diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency syndrome.This deficiency,if not treated, would not allow him to enjoy his football anymore.His family was middle class time and didn't have enough money to treat him.Then came a turn around in his life,Fc Barcelona,one of the biggest clubs in the world came to his rescue.They paid for his treatment and registered him in La Masia
(Fc Barcelona's youth academy).Their gamble paid off as he rose to become a club legend and one of the greatest to ever kick a football.
I've been following him for quite a long while now.Infact,he has always been my GOAT since day 1😁
What made me interested in Lionel Messi is his mesmerizing skils,his dazzling displays on the pitch,His ball control,his vision,his scoring ability,his play making ability his leadership skills.Should I still continue 🤭?He is just simply phenomenal and to think that he doesn't think too much about breaking records yet he continues to break records week in week out is just awesome.His fighting spirit also endears me to his.He didn't let the death of his grandma break him rather,he took it as a motivation,always wanting to win matches for her.
He has won several titles in football.As a matter of fact,he is the second most decorated player in the history of the sport meaning he is the second player with the most trophies in football's history.
His most recent trophy won,is one that can only be won once in four years which is the world cup.After winning the world cup,he further cemented his title as the GOAT because it is the most desired trophy for any footballer and it is very hard to come by.
In the just concluded FIFA world cup in Qatar Leo once again proved his worth by winning the MOTM (Man of the match award)for a record five times,the award is usually given to the best player of the match,then, at the end of the tournament,the overall best player gets rewarded.Guess who it was again? other than the GOAT 🐐😂.
He is simply a joy to watch and he is different from other footballers because he does what no one does on the pitch and he doesn't allow the fame to get to his head.
Leo didn't have it all on a platter of gold as some might say.He actually had to deal with issues tough enough to bring a footballer's career to an abrupt end.All in all,I consider Lionel Messi as my favourite athlete because of the qualities I listed above,He Is simply the best.
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Lionel Messi is one of the best in football, a good star to pick, he can dribble without stopping, he score goals with ease, I love Messi too, good choice.