POB : Playing Badminton early morning

Good morning everyone ,
it's been some time since when i have failed to stay active. I hope everyone is fine and doing great in their life.

Today me and my cousin brothers and some friends went to the district park for playing badminton.


We didn't play for a long time as we went for playing after a long time and going beyond our limits could result in body pain 😅.

Though we have decided to play regularly now atleast for one hour in the morning and i hope we can follow this for a very very long time.

Below are some photographs that i took while my cousin's were playing the doubles.




We are all of same age group but today some new kids were also there in the park. They wanted to play with us so we played with them as well.

In the last when we were tired and done playing for today , we let two kids play one on one single match.


Now , i am back home and feeling little tired , i will have my breakfast now. That's all from my side for today.

Have a nice day everyone.
Thank you

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