50 hours of non stop dancing....say whut?


Making real life television is just going a step further it seems every day. Honestly I hardly watch any normal main stream television, but this weekend I was sucked into the screen which suited perfected my post ADE chill mode session.

There was this one time event being played called 'the Dance Marathon' which lasted over 50 hours. Gameplay: Dance for 50 hours straight and win 100.000 euros. If more than 1 couple makes it until the end, the winner will be the team that took the least amount of rest.

A recipe for some goof binging, but honestly for the contestants this was more of a battle field where the injured just had to leave eventually. Feeling the squid game vibe as well here?


So all of this started off quite boring. Contests were dancing and every time they would leave the floor to get a drink, a piss or some naps this time would be registered. In the beginning people are motivated but after say a night of dancing the first cracks started to rise. Not having completed nearly a quarter of the event but realizing that you are getting tired already is not really the most motivating thing there is.

I participated in some march a couple of years back walking 40 kms a day for a couple of days. At first this is all fine and peachy until you realized you have been walking quite a while, and stuff is starting to get soar...But you aren't even half way and this is only the first day. Not really motivating but the more this comes down to you mind getting you back in the good direction again.


Now you can say easily that these kinds of competitions come down to determination but that just isn't true at all. This comes down to the body shutting down from the physical labor and the lack of sleep.

You could really see some contestants starting to look like zombies over the hours and when they were not dancing enough they would receive a red card. Three cards and you are out as well. Bye bye 100.000.

What I do feel is that people are starting to do really crazy stuff dor this amount of money. Ofcourse you won't die from such a competition but this could potentially injure you for a longer amount of time.

Also you could really see contestants bending through the lack of sleep and would starting to see stuff that wasn't there. Or that their partners wouldn't be able to wake them up anymore and you would see a medical team stepping in again. Quite brutal isn't it?


Now these guys here above turned out to be the winners of it all. With just 35 minutes of rest in 50 hours (that means literally no sleep just a piss and a water here and there) that less crazy that it actually is. 35 minutes of not on your activity? Holy crap!

Now this girl was crying non stop till the end and then all of a sudden she would totally dance as if she was posessed again entirely into here zone. Honestly, it didn't seem healthy at all anymore but I get it that they were pushing through to get to the end, especially as they were realizing that they didn't take much rest and had a decent chance of winning.

The guy will move to Japan and the girl will look for her birth parents in Indonesia. A good cause honestly, but all of these contestants had good causes. Starting a business, rebuilding a bathroom, planning a wedding. Funny no one was doing this for charity right?

I am a little bit both sided in my opinion if this is just brilliant television or that you should protect people more against themselves and their stupid decisions.

People will do anything for money especially when they are desperate, but is this just going too far for a bit?

Or is the other side that people are getting way to pampered and controlled already and that you sometimes should leave people and their stupidity?

I am hinging on both opinions as I find some truth in both. What do you think honestly? Should we protect people from themselves or let them go all-in regardless of the concequences.?