A sunken ship to visit?  


I was happy that I got back onto my kitesurfing performances last month. The whole idea of working out and having a good time on the water was just such a relaxing kind of thing. Here in Holland we are all well known for our general watersport activities but for some reason this never really seemed appealing to me. The water here is just too damn cold and that means you need a lot of external temperature management things. Yes, all of this is possible. Does that make it more fun? Nehh, not really.

One of the things I also did in Aruba as a first timer is working with a seabob. The first time I heard about these guys was about a year ago, and I have been eager to try one out just for the fun of it. The same thing applies to this one, loads of fun in Caribbean warm water. But in Europe in water time? No reason to try this one out.


So the fact that I could try one out was just more than fun. In Aruba there is this sunken ship quite close to the coast called the SS Antilla. The story about this one is that this boat was coming to coast in the second world war and the captain didn’t want to enter land because of the war and decided to sink his ship before the coast.

Sad story and sucks that there is a boat on the sea bottom, but as you can see nature has taken this over and started growing its own on this boat here. The boat is on the bottom of the sea of around 17 meters deep, but it is such a big boat that you can easily see so many different parts of it. You can actually see the machine room, and the bow and also see what all started to grow around there.


And this was the cool thing with travelling there with this seabob device. Normally when you go snorkeling and you dive deep, that already takes a big amount of your energy. Also that this boat is located a couple 100 of meters outside of the shoreline would make it a serious swim to get there.

With this seabob this isn’t a problem, because it is like a little piece of machinery which just pulls you ahead. Powered by a battery and with enough power to pull you down and dive around for a bit, which is awesome for when you are trying to visit around this sunken ship. The seabobs were boundered at just a couple of meters of depth for safety because it also is capable of pulling you down a lot of meters. And when you are not using your energy to dive down, you really can stay underwater way long than I ever had thought for.


Would I ever use a seabob again if had the chance. Heck yeah, I wouldn’t have to think about that for a second. Working with these toys is just a blast and I would want to give everyone a chance for experiencing that. Would I swim around a sunken ship again? Also the heck yeah. Whil I was swimming there I really got this mental journey of the Titanic and how life on a boat would be and I just felt my whole mind and imagination drifting off.

Funny how this all works how the brain really want to travel even more than you are actually physically are even away.

Damn, I miss the warm water!