Back to breathing yoga

Holland lifted a couple of restrictions earlier in the week which means exercizing is back again and fully allowed. A big yay! Although it seems like a minor thing, and yoga is ofcourse not the most biggest form of exercize (depends on what form you are doing ofcourse) it is good to be back starting again!

Especially also that the gyms are reopened again and people are able to go back into some form of routines and work a bit again on the body, this will have good long term effects again.

We are just not made to be in lockdown and not move proper and just write stories on our computers all day.


I am a big fan of the slower sorts of yoga so a mixture between Hatha and Yin yoga is for me the way to go. I do also like doing the faster exercizes but they are just an entirely different ballgame in terms of what postures and how long you tend to do them.

Long poses and breathing to the places where it is needed most is the stuff that benefits me the best. I have underestimated over the years how important breathing can be for us all.

Ever since I have trained a bit more to focus on the breathing and realize a bit better how to relax, I guess my quality of sleeping (including how long or short it takes to actually fall asleep) has improved times 1000 which benefits literally everything.

The cool thing is that I have learned it from this Hatha yoga and how you control your breathing in a beneficial way.


Also during work (I have a standing job) which is literally the worse thing you can ever do to your body, with these different forms of breathing it is also so much easier to maintain a decent posture while standing out the whole day.

The funny thing is that with the Hatha yoga which I do there is hardly any interest from younger people for it. So yes, I am doing this with ladies from about twice my age, who make all sorts of adjustments to the poses to make it work for them. I guess this is the perfect way to keep the body in control when the age is chasing you.

Do I feel a bit of an outsider here? Well yeah, ofcourse maybe I do, but this form does work for me. I wouldn't be a bad thing to even put in some more work during the week and also maybe take class which is a bit faster to also work on the other aspects. But also if I would do this, I would still keep in the breathers and stretchers class because this is just a sweet one.


I always loved doing yoga outdoors especially on the beach where the sound of the wind takes over all sorts of distraction. When I reach the golden ages, I would love it if yoga would be in some outdoor easy form here in Europe in the way that Tai Chi is in some Asian countries.

Accessable and for all ages, which is also a social thingy. That is also something I am surely happy about with the endings of all of these restrictions again. It is good to see all of these seniors who are in class we me all still doing fine.

Breathe on!