Blog #217: Do you know that Dumaguetnons are active on Sports and Fitness? Check this out


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Most children and adolescents nowadays are already addicted to gadgets; on-line games and Netflix. These are among the challenges that most parents have dealt with in this era because most youths are too lazy to go out and do physical activities. Are you a parent? Have you too face the same?

I'm not a parent yet but I constantly heard the same complaints from my friends who are already in the world of motherhood. I remember when one of my friends told me that everyday seems they are in the battle field or in the war zone with her teenage son. They were keep fighting with each other because she doesn't want her son to suffer physical illnesses at a young age due to unhealthy lifestyle. But the unwillingness of her son to go out and do physical activity triggered her to get agitated. It stresses her out almost everyday because of the problem she've dealt with.

Undeniably, this problem has been existing in this era. We can only find few young people in the city do physical activities, but do you know that I have witnessed different in Dumaguete City?

Rizal Boulevard that lies in the coastal area of Dumaguete City is the favorite place to both young and old Dumaguetnons. They are busy doing physical activities. Since I arrived here, I've noticed that Dumaguetnons are active in sports and fitness activities. Check this out.


Sometimes I spent my time late in the afternoon at Rizal Boulevard, I just hiked around the Boulevard. Last week while I was hiking, I was tempted to snap photos of the groups of youngsters who were busy practising the sports they love.

A mixed of adolescents and children are joining the Arnis. They took the training seriously. They followed every steps that their trainer taught them. I never saw anyone making jokes during their training.


After a while, I transferred to another spot and I saw this group of youngsters who were busy kicking. I stayed longer in this area watching those cute children who joined Taekwondo training. Every kicks they have thrown in the air made them so adorable to look at.


Although they can't execute the proper kicks yet but I can see to their faces how determined they are to learn their taekwondo lesson.


The Taekwondo training is the most well-participated among the sports training conducted at Rizal Boulevard.


Another group of teenagers who caught my attention, the kick volleyball players. They were fond playing kick volleyball. They don't just simply practice the sport but they seriously installed a net so they can play the sport properly.


I don't know if they have a kick volleyball tournament that will happen soon but hopefully I can witness if ever there is a tournament.


Volleyball is a sport that is well-known and loved by many youngsters. This group of teenagers were having fun while playing the sport they truly love.


I don't know if they've noticed that some people watching them because their focus was mainly on the ball.


As I point my attention to the other side, I saw this group of teenager which I'm not familiar of what sport they were doing. Part of the training was to pass the ball to the opposite group.


At first I wanted to ask from anyone in the group but since they were all serious and focused to their training, I just only stayed in the corner and took them photographs.



In a few minutes, I've found myself right in front of these teenagers who were enjoying doing skipping rope. They were only few in the group.



Dumaguetnons are also love dancing. They wanted to keep their body healthy. I've noticed that 99% of the participants were women and maybe most of them were already have children.


This area is the most liveliest part of the Boulevard because of the lively music they've played.

As I was about to go home, I saw this lady who was just walked calmly with her dog.


And as I walked further, another dog owner caught my attention who was also walked calmly with his dog.


Even how tough life is but most young and old Dumaguetnons are willing to give their time to become excellent of the sports they love doing; to maintain a healthy lifestyle; and to become active to the community where they belong.

Thank you for reading and see you on my next blog. Cheers!

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