Living simple

Simple living is all about cutting back your possessions and living a less hectic lifestyle. Here are some powerful tips to living simply.

The term “simple living” gets thrown around a lot these days.

It’s become a big trend with books, YouTube channels and podcasts all dedicated to simplicity. And ironically it’s also become a huge industry with online retreats designed to give you a less complicated life.

But simple living as a reaction against materialism is as old as antiquity – even if it’s now wrapped in a new package.

Religious leaders from Buddha to Muhammed have advocated for a simpler life dedicated to self-knowledge and good deeds.

And literary thinkers have left behind the excesses of their age to reconnect with life’s essence, from Henry David Thoreau and his sojourn to Walden Pond to Leo Tolstoy and his admiration for rural life.

The Greek philosopher Diogenes used his simple lifestyle to criticize the corrupt society of his day. More recently, the Bohemians of Paris lived for art above the pursuit of material possessions.

Just as a little baby lives his/her life very happily without worries, that is what living simple does to us. Live life with less worries!


These days, Joshua Millban Nicodemus brought simple living to the mainstream with their blockbuster Netflix documentary Minimalism. Their millions of readers testify that rampant consumerism isn’t making people happy.

There are dozens of interpretations on the theme of simplicity.

So what exactly is simple living?
It’s not a strict lifestyle that everyone follows in the same way.

While some may life off-grid and grow their own vegetables, others may just aim for a less cluttered garage.

Simple living is all about finding the beauty in less and putting quality over quantity. It’s about valuing things that make us happy instead of chasing status symbols or societal expectations.

It’s a lifestyle that often includes cutting back and streamlining your possession and living a simpler and more intentional life. A life driven by what’s most important to you – not by possessions or status.


I wish you all happiness in your lives and homes! Have a very beautiful day!

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