Monday motivation


We all have a similar feelings about monday. waking up early on a monday. Thinking about the monday workflow, the pressure from your boss🙄

Regardless if you are a student, an employee or running your own business, it is a problem to keep motivations up during Mondays. Most of us look forward on seeing the weekend. Though weekends can be relaxing, it is the work we accomplish during weekdays that pay our bills and take us closer to our goals.

What we also don’t realize is the fact that Mondays can kick start a beautiful week. It can keep the entire week’s productivity up as it offers momentum for the rest of the workweek. So how do we increase our motivation to work on Mondays? Here are five things that you need to remember.

  1. Sleep early on sunday.

  2. Prepare schedule ahead.

  3. Identify reasons why you are unmotivated to work.

  4. Detox from work during the weekend.

  5. Find the right attire for work.

So, stay focused, think about the result and benefits of hard work. Definitely it'll pay off. Just keep pushing!!!

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