Do you know what to expect during international breaks?



This is the time for club football to be paused for a while so that footballers can answer the Clarion call of their national team in their respective country.

Footballers have made it obvious that they enjoy playing for their National team. The number of international caps a player has is usually one of the factors used to measure how successful he was as a player. Unfortunately, not all players are called upon for international duty despite their desire to represent their country.

Being called upon is dependent on the current form of a player. The recognised world footballing countries like Brazil, Germany, France and many other countries usually have multiple options to pick for each position. From the goalkeeping department up to the attacking department, there are usually multiple sets of players that can be invited. In such situations, it becomes obvious that the national team won't be able to invite every good player.

Getting an international invitation is already a very competitive affair. that's why even those that end up as unused substitutes during international competitions are often satisfied by the fact that they were, at least, part of the squad.

That's a brief explanation of what being on international duty means for players. They love it and they enjoy getting to reconnect with their countrymen who are playing in different parts of the world.

What this international duty means for uninvited players

As I said earlier, not all players would be invited to play for the national teams. Sometimes, it may be due to injury. That's exactly the case for Trent Alexander Arnold (TAA) and he will be missing out on this international duty. Other times, it may be because better players are playing in the same position.

Whatever the case may be, those who didn't get an invitation from the national team would have to enjoy the break doing whatever they love.

What to expect during this international break

I'm not a big fan of international games especially when there are no major tournaments to be played. Nonetheless, those that are interested can keep a tab on the various World Cup qualification games that will be played.

Senegal and Egypt will play two legs against each other. The same goes for Nigeria and Ghana.

Enjoy this international break.

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