Changing the world, one GNAR at a time

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Gnars is on an onboarding and building spree the past couple months. Lots of new people are joining the Discord, lots of extreme sports athletes are starting to pay attention from all over the globe and the treasury just keeps filling up with sweet ETH!

If this is the first time you read about @Gnars then you should definitely check their introduction post on Hive and Gnars Promo video on Youtube 👇

Changing the world, one GNAR at a time

Gnars mission is to empower the extreme sports community and has done a great job 'till now! In just a few months Gnars.DAO granted funds in athletes, artists, events and thanks to the love of people the treasury just keeps growing.

Here are some really cool proposals that recieved funding lately

As we can see bellow, unique adresses bidding on GNARS are on a spike and this means people are starting to pay attention and wanna grab a piece of NFT history hehe!

Stats by @0xsatori

The best part is that GNARS is a community driven project so it's not powered by greed like your classic extreme sports brand out there but instead the community decides how treasury funds will be used.

How beautiful is that? Instead of a company board deciding for the fate of their athletes the community is in charge! Just imagine the community of a big brand like Redbull deciding the future of the brand, who they're gonna sponsor and how they'll manage their money!

That's a new sponsorship model ladies and gentlemen!

GNARving is near...

Speaking of GNARS NFTs, the GNARving is almost upon us so getting your hands on a GNAR will become much harder.

110 auctions from today the auction duration will double to 40 minutes and my guess is that it will be a bidding "massacre" cause less GNARS will be available for grabs and more people will wanna grab 'em as the project grows.

This is called "GNARving" and takes effect every 1000 auctions


Owning a GNAR comes with benefits! Buying a GNAR fils the treasury, GNARS owners can take part in proposals voting on Snapshot and can submit their own extreme sports-related proposal if their holding at least 12 GNARS.

Also GNARS are super cool looking hehehe!


If you found GNARS interesting and wanna get involved then the go-to place to start is the GNARS Discord. Lots of awesome people over there from all walks of life chatting about their favourite extreme sports and sharing the stoke!

You can also learn more about GNARS by visting the official website and social

Official Website :
Auction Site :

GNARS on social

Twitter :
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Discord :

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yeah brother, great post! feels really good to participate in gnars as an athlete, specially in such an early stage! it's a totally different DAO environment and a vibrant community! no wonder it's attracting like minded people, with a common purpose and shared values! let's keep it extremely nounishh 🔥