My Actifit Report Card: March 25 2022


Getting really into the editing on my book because I don’t have anything left on the writing to-do list (though I may have forgotten a couple things, we’ll see as I go and once it goes out to the beta readers), so I’m really hurting for word counts while doing this Year of a Million Words.

The opportunity here is that I’ve been neglecting my blogs and podcast, so if I’m disciplined I should be able to find time to write for those while going in and doing the editing. One thing I need to do is link my writer’s blog to my podcast and post updates there. That should kill two birds with one stone, so to speak, from the publicity/writing perspective, but also give me a fair bit to do with my time when I’m not editing, which is something I find a little fatiguing now and then.

Feeling not great. Just loitering around the house hoping I feel better. Things felt like they were going the right direction, so hopefully when I have my follow-up with my doctor I’ll have better ideas of what to do in the future.

It’s frustrating. It’s so mild that I don’t want to complain, but it’s also serious enough that it makes daily activities uncomfortable, inconvenient, or practically impossible, and there isn’t exactly an ideal amount of sleep disruption that I would recommend to people (other than zero).

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