Fishing With My Friends





This afternoon, I went fishing with my friends. All my friends were on holiday. They did not have any working activities. One of them asked us to go fishing. This time we decided to go fishing on a lake in Grand Residence.
We rode 2 motorcycles to go to the lake. It took only 10 minutes. The fishing spot was in a green area. It was amazing. I could enjoy the sunlight and the fresh air.
My friend , Zega had found a fishing spot. He got down carefully to a comfortable seating area in the bush. The blade grass was high. I hoped there would be no snakes.
We used nets and bait for fishing. Net fishing was more effective in the lake to catch smaller fish. Bait fishing targets the bigger fish.

I went down to the lake and found a sitting spot. It was not easy to get to a good location. There were many trees. I discovered a location among the overgrown trees and bushes.

I checked the ground to see if there were any holes. There were no more holes after that, so I prepared my net for fishing.Holes in the ground should be avoided because they can be places for snakes to hide.
I took the photo from my fishing spot. It was not easy to reach the place. The ground was tilted at 45 degrees.
After an hour, no one got the fish. Suddenly, Zega shouted. "Strike". He loughed, and he got the first fish.
I waited patiently. I lit a cigarette and enjoyed smoking. It was not about catching fish, but it was about enjoying the green views with my friends, I said in my mind.

I got the first fish. It was the yellow nile tilapia. It was still small. I decided to give it to my friend. He wanted to keep the fish in an aquairum.

Then I moved to another spot. It was a very hot day. I should look for a place under a tree. We decided to go home after 5:45 in the evening. I did not get many fish, but I enjoyed fishing very much. I burned a lot of calories today.


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