Is football turning into a shit show?



Various events over the years are slowly taking the fun and uniqueness of the game away. While Covid has done its part in slowing the game and making sure massive changes are been enacted into the game, technology and has done its part too. It's surprising how people still love the game that much, but then, it only shows how much influence it has on people.

Before Covid and the technology issue hit the game, favoritism has eaten deep into the game. This was evident as awards were dished out based on the players loved and not based on the performance of the player for that season. The daylight robbery of Wesley Sneijder, Ribery, and Cristiano Ronaldo of the best player gongs, weakens the credibility of not just the award but the sport itself.

But then it's been overlooked because it's just an award and it does not affect the player's performance on the pitch. Then VAR came. The stop and review way of playing the game is becoming tiring and slowing the game down. It also takes 70 % decision making from the hands of the referees. The computer is making the majority of decisions for the ref and it shows how far the game is becoming a shit show.

Although the technology has done more good than harm, it still changes the way the game is been played. Change is inevitable but these changes are changing everything and starting to make football look funny. Then Covid hit and this time, the fun of the game is silently creeping away. Most people have are tired already due to contact change in match fixtures and also depletion of football team's.

While the footballers and technical staffs of each team should be applauded for Constantly putting their life on the line to entertain fans and football lovers all around the world, the football governing bodies should be scolded and taunted. They're constantly pushing teams to play regardless of how depleted the teams may be due to the Pandemic. This sometimes leads to games being played without the right players of a team.

A more recent example is the tie between Aston Villa and Liverpool in the FA cup. Aston Villa the first team were battling with injuries and Coronavirus, they appeal to the FA to postpone the match but it fell on deaf ears. Aston Villa had to play the game with their under 23squadsd. Of course, they lost heavily to a Liverpool side that fielded their best players.

The latest that provoked the writing of this article is associated with the events that took place in the Copa del Rey final between Bilbao and Barca. Calls have been circulating that the Referee which gave Messi his first red card. News in Spain is that fans want the Ref to be sanctioned because he failed to award yellow cards to Bilbao players for their rough markings.

That was not the only shit show, Barca had the effrontery to appeal Messi's red citing the ref's failure to conducted the game properly. This event has to be the biggest shit show ever recorded in a football setting. Reading the headlines alone makes me laugh and wonder what football is turning into. While many other events has also taken place , this ranks high in my shit show list.

Which football event tops your shit show list?


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