Busy Activities After Weekend Holidays.


Busy Activities After Weekend Holidays.

How are all my friends on this occasion...?
Hopefully you are still under the protection of God Almighty and still in good health physically and spiritually, hopefully all of you are not lacking in anything. On this occasion, I will share my daily activities on Monday, 28/11/2022.

A sunny morning started my activities this morning, after carrying out my duties as a housewife at home, I immediately did my usual activities. Around 07.15. WIB, my husband and I started the activity by taking the children to their respective schools.

Then my husband immediately took me to the office, when I arrived at the office I immediately met my friends who arrived first. We start our office activities by enjoying breakfast in the office cafeteria, hot tea and several types of wet cakes as a complementary menu this morning to start activities.

Around 08.00. WIB, my friends and I went straight to the office yard. The activity that we do is to take part in a routine apple on Monday, on this occasion the head of the service becomes the supervisor of the apple on this sunny day. Several important messages were conveyed by the head of the activity, then the activity was closed with a prayer.

After the activity, my friends and I went straight to the office. The first thing I did was absent myself as a sign of coming to work for the day, then I went straight to my desk to carry out unfinished tasks.

Together with some colleagues, I complete unfinished tasks. We divided the tasks and worked on them at our desks. In front of a computer screen, I immediately completed the assigned tasks, one by one I was able to complete them one by one.

The task that I completed was to make several reports on the activities that we had carried out, then there was some activity documentation that I had to print and I made it the final document of the activities that had been carried out.

Without feeling the task was completed as well, the clock showed 12.00. WIB, I immediately rushed to leave. However, the sunny afternoon did not bring me to go straight home. Me and a friend went straight to one of the cafes in the city of Bireuen to enjoy lunch.

Upon arrival at the place, the two of us immediately ordered food and drinks offered by the waitress at the place. With gratitude and blessings, we both enjoyed the food and drinks that we ordered beforehand.

After enjoying lunch, I immediately returned home, accompanied by a friend on a motorbike, I finally arrived home at around 14.05. WIB. After arriving home, I immediately cleaned myself up and took a break to unwind on this sunny day.

Meanwhile, after taking a break, I immediately continued my activities as a housewife. What I do is wash the dishes, clean the room and iron the clothes. I finished the tiring work one by one, then I immediately cleaned myself up to welcome the beautiful afternoon with its red glow in the sky.

I spent that beautiful afternoon exercising, the sport I did was cycling with my friends. We cycled along several roads until we arrived at the top of the Mameh lake in the city of Bireuen.

Upon arrival at the place, my friends and I immediately took a break while enjoying the beautiful scenery around and breathing the free air freely. This place offers very beautiful natural scenery, from this place we can see the view of the city of Bireuen from a height.

Every evening this place is visited by the people of Bireuen, many people who love cycling also visit this beautiful peak. In addition, this place is often used as a place for activities entitled with nature by various organizations, the peak of the Mameh Lake is currently the most visited tourist destination by nature lovers and tourists from various regions.

It didn't feel like the sun was already at the west end, the sky with a red orange color was visible in the sky, night would soon come to greet the world, my friends and I immediately returned to our homes by pedaling bicycles with enthusiasm.

The activity that I do at night is to visit a friend who is being treated at the hospital. With my beloved husband, I went straight to the Bireuen public hospital, but before arriving at the hospital we stopped for a while at the fruit shop to buy several kinds of fruits.

Several types of fruits such as oranges, grapes, salak and pears were our choice to give to friends who were lying in the hospital. Upon arrival at hospital, I went straight to one of the rooms where my best friend was being treated.

After meeting with him, we chatted for a while. It turned out that my friend was suffering from fever, he had been experiencing this disease for the last two days. Indeed, currently is the season for fever, extreme weather is one of the causes of the disease. The weak immune system makes fever easily come, around 22.00. WIB, my husband and I immediately said goodbye to return home.

Arriving home, I immediately cleaned myself and rested with my beloved family. The family room is a comfortable resting place for me before going to the bedroom. With my children, husband and parents resting while watching television shows, as the night grew late and the silence of the night came, I immediately went to bed to close my eyes and end today's activities.

Those are the activities that I went through, on Monday, 11/28/2022, I hope this will be useful and entertaining for all my friends. Sorry if there are words that are wrong or not pleasing to the heart in this writing, we are always humans, never escape from mistakes.









That is all and thank you.


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Thanks for sharing, that was interesting of you and hardworking.